HomeKit bridge only works on LAN - Do i need to port forward?

I simply want to be able to open my garage door via Apple CarPlay. And i got as far as to making the garage door as a cover entity, and expose that via the HomeKit integration in HA. It does show up in HomeKit on my iPhone and i can control it from there. It also shows up in CarPlay when in the car. Only problem is that its not working on my phones cellular data. The garage door simply becomes unresponsive in HomeKit as soon as i switch to Cellular data. Works fine on Wifi…

Question is then, if i need to do something like port forwarding or something else to make it work over cellular?

Is this just a garage door oddity ? Can you control any other HomeKit device yet eg a light via cellular or CarPlay? If so is that a directly paired to HomeKit device or ‘exposed’ to HomeKit via HA

I’m assuming you’re using an Apple branded HomeKit capable hub and not the HA emulated version.

Getting remote access working can be tricky but ensure your iCloud/AppleID details are the same for all components. Mine wouldn’t work but then suddenly just did… not sure what … you don’t need to port forward.

I can confirm that Home app on a cellular network works fine with the HA emulated hub if you have an iPad/Apple TV at home. Data is transmitted through iCloud.

I have no hub at all. I simply added the “HomeKit” intergration through HA, exposed only “cover” through it. I then used my iphone to scan the created barcode and then the garage door showed up in Homekit on the phone. Works fine, just not on cellular. I suppose i need some cellular connected iDevice at home then for it to work?

You need I believe an Apple hardware device to act as a hub, TV, HomePod or iPad. This routes the cloud originated HomeKit access to you via iCloud

Either that or expose your HA to the internet and use the HA app to control your door.

I can already do that. The ONLY reason i wanted to use homekit for this one specific door, is because its nice to have the button in Apple CarPlay. But as usual with Apple devices you cant do basic things without investing more into their ecosystem. I do not have a spare iDevice, so i will have to do without this

Yeah, it sucks but you need an iPad or an AppleTV to expose your devices outside of the home via HomeKit. If you want it to show in CarPlay HomeKit is the only method that will work so I think you’re stuck. Sorry.