Homekit component: better filtering

I love the homekit component, as it lets me use Siri to control lights. But it’d be really nice if there was more filtering options. Specifically, it’d be nice if you could exclude entities not just one-by-one or by domain, but, say, by group.

Here’s the use case: I have the switch domain included, as most of the switches around the house control lights and such and should be available in homekit. This was fine, when I only wanted to exclude one or two specific switches.

But now I’ve added some wyze cameras to my system, with aftermarket firmware allowing them to work with HA via MQTT. Each camera has 10 different switches controlling its behavior (other models may have more). I don’t need any of them in homekit. I’ve already got them in a group, to keep all the camera-related sensors, binary sensors, switches, and the feed itself, together. It’d be great if I could just exclude any members of that group from homekit, rather than retyping it all.

That’d make maintenance much easier - if a future firmware change adds or deletes another switch, I wouldn’t need to change things in multiple places - just once, in the group membership.