HomeKit - Connect-BDG2 Lutron RA2 lighting system intergracion to HA

So new to HA and have been searching and reading and found this older link:

Lutron with HA

But RA2 has since moved to a Connect-BDG2 (connect bridge) that shows up as a HomeKit device on HA but that is as far as I have been able to get. Not finding much else about integrating that into the HA so wanted to try and find out if something newer has been created or should I remove that device from HA and just follow the above steps to try and get HA talking direct to the RA2 Main repeater?

Any help on this would be GREATLY appreciated!



Im having similar issues with this platform… New to the HA community and setup, and while this looks interesting I dont see much support or assistance in tying it all together.

I too have a larger Lutron RA2 setup, and the instructions in the installation link are “clear as mud”… While Ive added the Main repeater IP, username, password - there is absolutely nothing happening on my HA system - in fact it errors about “definition of dictionaries” or something like that. Ive found nowhere a comprehensive guide of what prerequisites need to be installed (for example Ive found some code that eludes to needing installed in a custom_componets folder here https://github.com/home-assistant/core/tree/master/homeassistant/components/lutron, and the system seems to get a tad further along - but I cant see any communication with the lutron repeater.

You have any luck yourself? doesnt appear that too many HA folks use RA2 (thats a solid system). Ill fight through it for a few more days. THe platform looks promising so long as your are skilled at coding, this one doesnt seem overly user-friendly at the moment however.

Yes, I was able to get it working. I guess I was over thinking it.

Just edit your configuration.yaml file with this entry:

username: USERNAME
password: PASSWORD

Restart HA and it just populates all you lights as show in my screen shot:

You will also get a very long list of Lutron Entities as show in this screenshot:

Appreciate the feedback! Spent some time diggin deeper this morning (had an epiphany at 4:30am) and found that spacing (of all things) is CRITICAL in the yaml file! I literally had to put a space between the colon and variable (IP_ADDRESS, USERNAME, PWD) and the whole system came to life.

Now I have to sort through all the devices and scenes from the Lutron side… I have 98 Lutron Devices, and nearly as many scenes to decide upon!

Thanks again… appreciated.

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Welcome to the world of YAML! :joy:

I find that HA will tell you when you have something wrong in the yaml code so that’s a plus.

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