Homekit controler integration installation stays to 50% to add my homebridge devices

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I would like to integrate my Nest Thermostat E (EU model) to HA with Homebridge-Nest as it looks like to be the only solution which works surely in the cas of a EU Nest Thermostat E.
I successfully configured Homebridge, my thermostat is listed right.

In the HA front-end, the auto-discovery notice me there are new device, then in integrations I have the Homebridge listed.
But when clicking to Configure, the installation stays to 50% and nothing happens, no PIN code asked, only installing and progress to 50%.

Even after a reboot this behavior persists.

What do I do wrong?
Has someone already encountered this issue?

Why not use the HA Nest integration and push that back into HomeKit instead of using Homebridge?


It looks like I didn’t explained correctly.

I want to use my Nest Thermostat E with Home Assistant.
Because it is a EU model which has the head link, the Nest API cannot access it.
So the Home Assistant Nest integration cannot be used.
It looks like the best solution is to use Homebridge-Nest then use the Homekit controller Home Assistant integration to have my thermostat listed.

So I installed Homebridge than Homebridge-Nest and successfully configured it following the instructions provided on the Homebridge-Nest project page, my Nest Thermostat E is listed in Homebridge.

It also looks like Home assistant has discovered my Homebridge instance but when clicking “Configure” the integration installation progress stays locked at 50%.

I might do something wrong but I don’t understand what and the right thing I could do to have my thermostat usable with Home Assistant.