HomeKit controlled devices not updating state

As many of you, I recently switched to use the HA native HomeKit component, coming from using the HomeBridge npm module.
I have quite a few devices that are not natively HomeKit enabled, hence only HomeAssistant enables them in HomeKit for me. The most important are: A Schlage BE469 connected through my Wink Hub 2 and two MyQ Garage Door Covers connected through the Liftmaster Internet Gateway.

Now since switching to the HomeKit component these devices don’t update their state after an action anymore.
E.g.: When controlling one of my covers through HomeKit, HomeAssistant won’t update the state and the entity is stuck in “Opening…” on HomeKit - same for the lock, it’s stuck in “Unlocking…” after triggering an action and HomeAssistant doesn’t see the change in state.
There are no errors or crashes from HomeAssistant that would allow interpretation of whats going on here.

My switches work fine though (both through the Wink Hub and other HA components).

I couldn’t find any information regarding my issue, so I hope you guys could help me to get this working again.

@caffeineflo I am also experiencing this issue, but instead with GE Switches over Z-Wave via Aeotec. After switching to the built in HomeBridge from the add-on version, the states of devices often do not update in Home on my iOS device.

The most frequent cause seems to be when the switch is manually activated and the z-wave network shows the update, but HomeKit does not. I’d love to hear if anyone has any solutions. Thanks!

I have the same issue on hassbian 0.82.1 the state of switches is not updated in homekit after the ‘value template’ changes in home assistant.

Hello everyone.

Also having this problem after update to version 83. Version 81.6 was working great.

Created an issue here: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/issues/19021

If someone knows how to solve this, please help


Yes I’d also be interested in anyone having any ideas on how to fix this. Mine’s been working fine for months then suddenly not updating although I still have control of devices.


I am also experiencing this, Insteon dimming wall switches, fan Linc, z-wave switches and VeSync switches so far, currently on 84.6.

Same issues here. It is mainly happening when a switch is turned on/off physically. Hassio 0.90.1. Did anyone manage to solve this?

Any luck with solving this? Thanks!

It seems the same occurs to me.

For example, if I switch on a zwave light that it doesn’t connected, in iOS shows the light has been switched on but really the light is off because isn’t connected.

It’s because the Homekit component update every minute.
All the change of state between two minutes won’t be see by Home Assistant/Homekit.

I’ve got the same problem and I didn’t find a way to change that.