HomeKit Controller: Configuring Devices/Hub - Lightwave Gen2

Hey people,

I’ve previously talked on this forum about a UK home automation system called “Lightwave” and their systems:

Since then, we’ve had the Home Assistant HomeKit-Controller component come out, and I was hoping this would allow me to control the paired devices paired to this “Lightwave LinkPlus” hub through HomeAssistant.

This is where I’ve got to so far:

  • If I reset the Lightwave Link Plus and reboot Home Assistant (Hassio in my case) the discovery component finds it, and I am able to put in the HomeKit code to pair it. Nothing much happens then, as no devices are paired to the hub yet.

  • Their companion app finds the hub, and I can pair a light switch to it.

  • An item will show up in Home Assistant called light.link_plus and it will have an on/off and dim state:

  • It shows up as an item in the UI, and can be triggered.
    It seems to trigger the light in my Kitchen to come on. However, as I only currently have ONE Lightwave switch, I don’t know if it’s seeing an individual switch, or it’s just triggering “all” to on and off. I need to test this further.

  • Also, it seems to trigger the device, then the switch will turn straight off again in Hass:
    [EDIT: Apparently animated GIFs don’t work on here: Just imagine I click the switch to ‘on’, it stays on for a few seconds, then turns itself off! :smile:]

Anyone got any ideas on how I can investigate/troubleshoot this further?
I’d love to test this further, as this is a great Home Automation solution for those of us in the UK.

Hi there, did you get any further with LWRF gen 2 and Home Assistant?

Not yet, sadly… I haven’t with a recent build of Home-Assistant though. I’m going to update my instance tonight and try again… But I don’t hold out much hope!

I wish you luck! :wink:

I’ve got the same setup and I’m afraid the results are still the same even on the latest build, if the light is off, I can switch it on using the switch and I can also dim/brighten the light (Even when HA sees it as “Off”)

They keep suggesting the Gen2 API is coming on Twitter but then again it’s been a while!

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For anyone interested in the Gen2 API it’s now been released!

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Hey Craig - Yea, we have a thread going on about this development here: