HomeKit Controller Device Status

Hi everyone, I have some smart plug (Meross MSS110) devices added to HA using the HomeKit Controller integration. However, even if I unplug them from the wall they still how up as whatever their latest state was (for me usually ON). Is there any way to know if devices added through the homekit controller are plugged in or not (maybe unavailable like in homekit itself)?

Thank you very much.

I know this doesn’t answer the question, but why would you want to do that? Do you lose power commonly?

Thanks for the reply, I don’t lose power often, but it would be good to know if something is ever up with the plug itself or its network connection. The reason I though of this was that I have 2 plugs set up in HA and nowhere to put them yet, so they are just sitting in my dashboard in an always on state because they are unplugged and in my drawer.

I know it’s an edge case but connecting devices directly to homekit gives me more info on the status of each individual switch because it tells me if it can communicate to it or not.

If you lose power, wouldn’t HA go down too?

It sounds like this was made for you -

Temporarily disable devices

Thanks, i will use this for now. It would still be nice if HA was able to let me know my devices aren’t connected automatically. Not sure if this is a feature request or a setting im missing