Homekit controller for HA (HK devices in HA)

It has been a while this component is released and I NEVER was able to make it work…
From several other discussions in the forum, I never saw a positive experience.

The further I was able to go with “some” of my Homekit devices was getting HA to accept the HK code without issue but no entity gets created… Besides that, it doesn’t take the code, timeout, etc…

I’m in Linux, HA in venv (followed the doc for main installation, not sure if related…

So first question is; does anyone have a positive and flawless experience with this Homekit controller component (or even a little positive)?

Then, if not, can we please clearly indicate in HK controller doc that it’s broken so we can stop trying to make this work with full of hopes every time?

If it’s just me with issues and people actually got this to work, please enlight me!!! :wink:

It just worked for me.

Only annoyance I have is that i haven’t found a way to put things in rooms without doing it manually.

Just to be clear, you’re talking about adding Homekit devices in HA (not the the other way around), right?

Ah sorry no. Talking about having HA expose all or some of its entities into HomeKit.

Sorry for confusion.

Yeah, this one works fine.
The really nightmare is to use HK controller to add HK exclusive devices in HA.

Anyone? Am I really the only one having issues with this (or wanting to use it)?

I have had some success interfacing with iDevices Homekit products. I’m actively looking at how reliable the pairing is and whether I can add support for iDevices-specific features.

yeah… this component, in my mind is broken or in alpha stage.
Doc is unclear about the details during the pairing, the entity never gets creates (and this is IF it works during pairing)…
Might be a requirement I don’t have in my HA env, etc… no idea… I’m on Linux on a NUC…

And I tried with many different HK devices; Leviton, iHome, iDevice, Koogeek, etc…

Best I’ve seen about this is “I was able to make it work for one of my HK devices”, not good enough if you ask me…

Don’t get me wrong, I really don,t mind it’s not working, but it’s in the component list with doc simplified like it’s problem free and tested…

I too am unable to get Homekit_controller to configure or work with my Ecobee3 thermostat.

Scanning comments in this blog, homekit_controller seems to be problematic. This is a shame since (as far as I know) HomeKit is the only widely used network that can work entirely home-local without servers in the cloud.

I have no Apple experience or products, and I am not a programmer but I am keen be a tester if needed.


Same here. I keep getting “ConnectionRefusedError: [Errno 111] Connection refused” in the logs for every HK device I have tried so far. As you said, there really needs to be more info in the Docs for this.

Here is a bit of new info:

Still unable to configure my ecobee3 via Homekit-controller. HA 0.85.1, on RP2B Hassbian, latest update.

Learned today that if wife clicks Submit on the Configure pop-up, after a 10 second or so delay, I get a PIN display on the ecobee3 for a brief flash, a second or so duration. I did a video with my phone and was able to read the 8 digit PIN. It still does not work, and nothing is logged.

I also posted this as a comment on https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/issues/15336.

Same here, can’t get to work in Hass.IO. I might spin up a vanilla VM with a hasspian type install to see if makes a difference…

Hi man.
Don’t know if you are still facing this issue but I was having the same problem lately and I think I found a solution. If it is already working for you this might help another person though.
90% of my house is HomeKit enabled and except for the Hue and Sonos devices, everything else was being discovered but asking for the PIN which didn’t work because it was already assigned to my iOS Home app. I had a spare homekit outlet and decided to do a test. Factory reset it, added to my iOS Home app (at this point it was also discovered by HA), deleted from my iOS Home app and then I was able to type the PIN and associate it to my HA. I still have to do the same (not the reset part, just delete it from iOS Home) with the devices that are currently in use but I believe it will work as well.