HomeKit Controller - how to discover new entitines been added to Aqara hub


I have nice working integration with HomeKit Controller (Aqara hub). Now Im adding new devices that are showing under the Aqara hub in the Mi App.

But I cant discover/see them in HA, HomeKit Controller.

Any way to sync/rediscover new/removed devices from HomeKit Controller ?


It’s suppose to automatically detect them via zeroconf, but if its not you can delete .storage/homekit_controller-entity-map and restart HA and it will refetech the config from your hub.

If that doesn’t work then it either doesn’t support the type of device you added or its not visible in the homekit API of your hub. Either way please do raise a GitHub issue for this. GitHub is the best place to get hold of me (the homekit_controller maintainer).

@Jc2k Thank you very much for the integration.

I remove the file and did the restart - all worked great.

Question, maybe be on the wrong thread, but still :-). Does the integration work with the new firmware update : 2.8.1 ?

I don’t have an Aqara hub unfortunately so i have no idea!