HomeKit Controller keeps timing out after restoring from backup

Hi all,

I started my HA journey relatively recently (four months ago) and this is my first post here. I’m facing a frustrating issue that I could use some help with.

Last week I migrated my HA instance (Home Assistant OS installation) to a new mini PC (running Ubuntu, with HAOS running in a VirtualBox VM). I started off with a spare laptop, then migrated to another one, and now finally this dedicated mini PC which is to be my smart home server. I migrated by taking a full backup of my HAOS instance and restoring it on the new machine. Everything worked fine, except a weird issue with HomeKit Controller and with the ecobee integration.

I have a bunch of Meross HomeKit Smart Bulbs that I’ve integrated into HA via the HomeKit controller integration. Almost every time I restart Home Assistant, two things happen:

  • ecobee integration takes forever to initialize
  • randomly, some of the Meross HomeKit Controller integrations fail to load with a “timeout” error.

The integrations that fail to load are totally random and don’t follow a pattern. These are six Br30 bulbs and randomly one, two or three at once will fail to load. There’s no reliable way to get them going again, either; it’s a Hail Mary of restarting Home Assistant over and over until they all work, which is really frustrating.

Frankly, the ecobee one isn’t a big deal, and something that I can totally live with. It’s the HomeKit controller that’s really frustrating me. One thing that I have observed is that I never had either of these issues in my original Home Assistant installation. It popped up the first time when I migrated from the first laptop to the second one. The only way that I got rid of it was to basically nuke my entire Home Assistant setup and set everything up from scratch - a major pain in the butt. With this final migration to this mini PC, I really don’t want to go that route again, and it really beats the purpose of having backups in the first place.

Is there any advice anybody has here? Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. In case this helps, all six of these Meross bulbs have a dedicated static IP address in my network, if that makes a difference.