Hi I am a newbie here in the home assistant ecosystem, I´ve been running only HomeKitfor almost 5 years, I decided to move to HA because on the automations it offer and all the endless possibilities; but I’m struggling on how to bring my devices from HomeKit to Home Assistant, I’ve done some research and everything points to HOMEKIT CONTROLLER, but I can’t find it anywhere, the only options I get are HomeKit bridge and HomeKit devices, and when I click on HomeKit device it shows up a message that there are no devices to add. Can anybody please guide me.

Unpair one of your devices from Apple Home (do not factory reset it). Then there will be a device that you can pair to Home Assistant using the HomeKit pairing code on the device.

HomeKit controller is the old name. It’s now HomeKit bridge. The bridge exposes your HA devices to HomeKit.

As mentioned, you must pair your devices with HA’s bridge and unpair them from your HomePod or AppleTV.

HomeKit Device is the integration you use to pair HomeKit devices to HomeAssistant as if it were Apple Home.

HomeKit Bridge is the integration you use to export HomeAssistant things into Apple Home.

Why are you replying to me?

We’ve said the same thing:

Apple Home => HomeKit.

by unpairing you mean delete it from the apple home, don’t reset it and the go to the HomeKit device and it’ll appear?

Yes, exactly. HomeKit pairing puts it on your network and it stays there if you remove it from the Home app. Then Homeassistant will find it and you can enter your pairing code there.

Thank y’all I got a little confused here since all the info I had was making reference to the HomeKit controller, I finally could add some of those devices, but im still struggling on adding the Eve Outdoor Cam and my Arlo cameras, those Arlo are a pain, I could add the to home assistants thru the HACS integration, but ass soon as I add them the services disappear and won’t let me view the nor do anything, if anybody know what I might be missing id truly appreciate it

Are you sure the devices aren’t still paired elsewhere? Some devices may also prevent simultaneous connections from multiple locations.

I have an Eve outdoor cam also. You can pair it to HA just like everything else but it becomes useless for surveillance at that point. You can add it back into HK using go2rtc and scrypted but HKSV doesn’t work. I gave up and just added it back to HK.