HomeKit Controller unable to talk to HA when devices are in a VLAN

I recently updated my network with some Unifi gear and subsequently split my network into 3 sections (+guest)
Trusted - access everything, no restrictions
IoT VLAN - access the web and HA only
NoT VLAN - access HA only

Home Assistant lives on the trusted network

I’ve moved all my “smart” devices over to their respective networks and it all works fine with the exception of the 2 HomeKit Controller devices I had that moved to the IoT network.
My TV (LG) and an Aqara G2H Pro Camera which were previously working perfectly in the HomeKit Controller integration.

Even if I pause the firewall restriction on the IoT VLAN so it get full access to all other LAN networks, HA is still unable to access them.

IoT already has Multicast DNS enabled in the UDR router (I read that HomeKit may need that), but other than that I’m at a loss as to why it can’t see the devices

Has anyone else experienced this and come up with a solution?

I don’t have a chance to make a screenshot right now, but in the more recent versions of the Unifi Network console, you need to go to the ‘networks’ section, and enable mDNS on your trusted and IoT VLAN individually.
You can also (manually) configure VLAN interfaces via a SSH Terminal on your H-A host (this was more reliable for me, since I’ve hyper-segmented my IoT devices into many VLANs.)