Homekit Controller with Honeywell Lyric Alarm using polling

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Hi all…

I’m new to HA and just in the process of getting much of my configuration set up. I have recently set up my Honeywell Lyric Alarm with the Homekit Controller integration. It works well except that the integration is polling the Honeywell instead of Async communications. I may be missing something but I do know that when I had the controller on HomeKit directly with Apple TV as a controller it reported open contacts immediately but with HA it takes some time. I understand polling is each minute but my question is if I can get the Lyric on Async communication with HA.

thanks for any insight and help…

Were you able to change communication from Polling to Push/Real Time?

Yes - as of a more recent version of HA it works flawlessly in real-time. Nothing done on my side all in the Homekit integration.

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Does it expose all sensors as well or only the alarm panel to arm/disarm?

It exposes all the door and window contacts as well as all the motion sensors. It doesn’t show the smoke detectors directly but you can detect an alarm condition for those. I don’t have any other types of sensors on my system.

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Hey Kevin,

I integrated the Lyric as well by now.

Flood and Smoke sensors aren’t showing up as they are unsupported in HomeKit (Use the TotalConnect 2.0 integration to get those).

I had it all working and states were immediately pushed to HA. 2 Weeks later the system seemed to have switched to polling from push for the states, which results in state delays of 30-60secs. Which makes it unusable for real time automations. If using the HomeKit integration directly on an iPhone states are still immediate - so it must be an issue with the HA HomeKit controller.

Is your system working well with push still? I’m on 0.112.4 - I have quite a few sensors in the system (28 entities in total).


Everything is fine with me still - I have 24 sensors and running the latest HA on HassOS 4.11 (Raspberry Pi 4) - no issues on my side.


Was able to solve the issue by decreasing the number of entities to 1 Alarm Panel and 25 sensors.
States are coming back to push when using 26 entities in total.

I have reported the issue via GitHub.