HomeKit devices "No responce"

Hi there - I have HA setup in a docker container (running on a Synology), and 2 items (Yale zigbee lock and Hue power plug, both connected direct to hubitat then to HA). Every now and again the plug goes “No response” in the Home app (trying to find when this happens). When this happens, i can use HA and or Hubitat to control the plug with no issues, e.g. it will switch on and off and both HA and Hubitat see the changes instantly. So it seems that it’s the HA HomeKit integration? Note on the new 16.2 update, HomeKit architecture updated, Apple TV 4K as the home hub.

EDIT: Reloading the HomeKit hub integration in HA makes the lock responsive in the home app again.

EDIT: Note, using host networking in the docker container

Found the logs where it happens (last line):

2022-12-20 10:42:37.613 DEBUG (MainThread) [pyhap.hap_protocol] ('', 50746) (9f7da13a-44ec-4030-b4fa-39e9652aae05): Recv decrypted: b'GET /characteristics?id=1.15 HTTP/1.1\r\nHost: Front\\032Door\\032E87C42._hap._tcp.local\r\n\r\n'
2022-12-20 10:42:37.613 DEBUG (MainThread) [pyhap.hap_protocol] ('', 50746) (9f7da13a-44ec-4030-b4fa-39e9652aae05): h11 Event: PAUSED
2022-12-20 10:42:37.614 DEBUG (MainThread) [pyhap.hap_protocol] ('', 50746) (9f7da13a-44ec-4030-b4fa-39e9652aae05): h11 Event: Request(method=b'GET', headers=<Headers([(b'host', b'Front\\032Door\\032E87C42._hap._tcp.local')])>, target=b'/characteristics?id=1.15', http_version=b'1.1')
2022-12-20 10:42:37.614 DEBUG (MainThread) [pyhap.hap_protocol] ('', 50746) (9f7da13a-44ec-4030-b4fa-39e9652aae05): h11 Event: EndOfMessage(headers=<Headers([])>)
2022-12-20 10:42:37.614 DEBUG (MainThread) [pyhap.hap_handler] ('', 50746): Request GET for path '/characteristics?id=1.15': {'host': 'Front\\032Door\\032E87C42._hap._tcp.local'}
2022-12-20 10:42:37.615 DEBUG (MainThread) [pyhap.accessory_driver] Get chars response: [{'aid': 1, 'iid': 15, 'status': 0, 'value': 1}]
2022-12-20 10:42:37.615 DEBUG (MainThread) [pyhap.hap_protocol] ('', 50746) (9f7da13a-44ec-4030-b4fa-39e9652aae05): Send encrypted: b'HTTP/1.1 200 OK\r\nContent-Type: application/hap+json\r\nContent-Length: 50\r\n\r\n{"characteristics":[{"aid":1,"iid":15,"value":1}]}'
2022-12-20 10:42:37.616 DEBUG (MainThread) [pyhap.hap_protocol] ('', 50746) (9f7da13a-44ec-4030-b4fa-39e9652aae05): h11 Event: NEED_DATA
2022-12-20 10:43:16.583 DEBUG (MainThread) [pyhap.hap_protocol] ('', 50772) (9f7da13a-44ec-4030-b4fa-39e9652aae05): Connection lost to HASS Bridge G6: None