Homekit doesn't work since upgrade 0.111.4

Hello Since the automatic upgrade of Home assistant to 0.111.4 on my docker home assistant, the accesories frome home assistant on home kit doesn’t work
I try to delete integration on HA, delete hub on home, reboot HA add new homekit bridge with QR code tha home application on ios don’t find the hub.
Can you help me ?
Here my config :

|installation_type|Home Assistant Container|

It’s seems that is the firewall my problem, i have never change it in my NAS
I add it now and i found my Home assistant bridge in home ios app


If you have a firewall configured on your Home Assistant system, make sure you open the following ports:

  • UDP: 5353
  • TCP: 51827 (or the configured/used port in the integration settings).