HomeKit - entities not responding

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Hello folks!

I have the following setup:
HA - 0.110.7
Home Assistant Supervised - 227
Running on: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with Docker - through ethernet connection.
iPad 2019 acting as HomeHUB - through WiFi connection

My recent problem is that after the integration has been installed, the entities and devices bridged from HA tend to go to a “No Response” state - I try to re-load the Home app, and every now and then the devices come online. What I have learnt is that when I adjust the options in the integrations menu, and save changes the devices come online - for a few minutes. What is interesting, is that I also have an AQARA HUB (lumni1) connected as a bridge, and devices bridged through there are always active.

Any suggestions? Thank you!

I seem to be having a similar issue. I am now on my second go around of completely removing homebridge from homekit and repairing everything.

It seems like every time i turn around nothing is responding again. I just got home and used siri to turn the fans on and it worked fine, 15min later siri tells me they are not responding.

Are you using an Apple TV or an iPad? Also, on what platform are you running HA?

In the Home app I have 3 AppleTVs that show up as hubs.

HA is installed on a RaspberryPi 4 (4GB Ram)

ha I see - I use an iPad, some say that is the root cause of the issue?

Ok, it was a router issue - I have managed to bridge in a TP-Link wireless router with Dynamic IP address, and connect the iPad to it as well as HA. Now, everything is working flawlessly!

p.s.:how can I close this thread?:smiley: