Homekit Entities not showing up in Apple Home - Derp moment

I was having a problem getting my entities to show up in Home from HomeAssistant. The Bridge shows up fine after pairing; no issues there. I have a z-wave controller so there’s a 5 minute delay on the Homekit start. Whatever I did, though, the entities would just not show up!

I’ve scoured the community posts, I’ve read the docs multiple times, I’ve looked through the Hass.io Github issues!

I realized, that in Home, my “home” is named differently than it is in HomeAssistant. I changed the name, restarted HA and et viola, entities!!

I thought I’d post this as I’ve seen a lot of unanswered threads from folks not able to add entities. Perhaps this will help. :wink:

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This (older) post made me realize that I also had 2 different names. After changing my name (yaml) to “Home Assistant Bridge” and a Homekit service restart devices instantly started appearing.

Hi I have the same annoying issue. I’m now doing a fresh install because of other issues I had that forces me to do a clean install. Now I wanted to add homekit integration like I did many times without issue and now only a couple of entities show up in homekit and they are the entities I DIDNT select. really strange. Can you elaborate a bit more about the naming. what and where did you exactly made the changes?


Edit: made a stupid mistake. Accidentally selected exclude in the integration instead of include. I was used to the fact it was standard on include…