HomeKit + Home Assistant WAF

Hello fellow tinkerers;

I’ve been running HA for some years now and for the WAF i wanted to expose some things to HomeKit.
All fine so far and working great.

Now i have some plants which i monitor with a Xiaomi Mi Flower Care Plant Sensor. Also this is working fine within Home Assistant.

When i expose the sensor.XXX_moisture in HomeKit Bridge it doesn’t show anything new on my iPhone.
I’ve noticed that many sensors don’t show up. Is there a way to solve/workaround this, so ik can see the moisure leven in HomeKit?.

Yea Homekit bridge doesn’t get much love.
Then they went and removed the actual Homebridge add-in that supports many more things.
I use Apple Home for my wife as well.
I’d recommend getting homebridge running somewhere if you’re set on using it for more obscure devices.

Thats to bad.

In Home Assistant i have a lot of sensors i don’t use daily, so for some things like opening the garagedoor i use HomeKit.
The wife just wants HomeKit… Simple as that :wink:

Depends on the sensor type. For example a sensor with type humidity works fine in HomeKit.

Hmm. This one is a moisture type sensor.