HomeKit Hub looses connection almost daily

I’m having trouble with our HomeKit “hub” loosing its connection every day or few days if I am lucky.

This is especially annoying with me out of town as I still haven’t figured out remote access into home assistant and my better half at home isn’t very good with technical issues.

I can’t recall after which update this behavior started, but surely I am not the only one?

Running 97.0 on a Mac mini with virtual box.

Had similar problem. For me it was when I changed the firmware on my sonoff iFan02 from tasmota to ESPHome. That fan entity somehow made everything disconnect. When I removed it, homekit has been stable.

This problem is mentioned on the homekit page

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Thank you, that is very helpful.

I didn’t have this issue when running HA directly on my MacOS terminal, but since switching to HASSIO there is one z-wave device I can’t seem to get working. Maybe it’s the culprit. I have flashed tasmota on an RF bridge but I haven’t had time to work on it either, I don’t think it’s even integrated yet but I will check that when I get home. I was hoping to use it with some RF leak sensors and a few other devices so I’m hoping it isn’t causing the trouble.