Homekit Infused 5 (HKI) v2023.1.3

first of all a huge thank you for making this available to all of us, such a great work! Love it.
I am in the process of setting it up, and so far it going pretty well. did a couple of views already when the 0.12.1 update came out.
I decided to remake it from the start (since I wasnt too far into it yet) with the fresh 0.12.1 files.

Just one small note: The discord link in the first post doesnt work anymore…

EDIT: And I think you should really make the update videos with voice!!

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How does this all looks and works in PC?
Or iPad?

Please take a look at the video in the first post. There are 2 videos. The first is made on smartphone, the second on a tablet. In a browser it will look roughly the same as on a tablet just a bit larger.


Thanks Dear

@jimz011, could you please run through how you did your roborock map? I have a PDF of the plan of my place that I’d like to bring into the interactive lovelace card for the roborock, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


have a look at this thread, its all there, @jimz011 is using that card:

Thanks, I still don’t fully understand the approach when using external maps and Ive noticed Jim is quite thorough with his guidance. :+1:t3:

yeah, i also had an external floorplan loaded,
i opened photoshop and looked at the the pixels

so for instance , 200 x 300
my vacuum was for example located at 150 x 150
from there i created the reference, and just looked if the zones defines was actually on the place, and played a bit with moving pixels, untill my zones were correctly over the correct room

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Thanks for the compliment, however it took me a long time to do this. I created a map within paint. I took a screenshot with the Mi Home app and drew over that image. Then send your vacuum to the coordinates as described in the docs (you can do a service-call for that, please read their docs on which commands you should give). Find the robot in Flolevac and look where the robot has stopped. Now go into paint, to the map you made earlier. Look at where the robot is standing on your Flolevac image and estimate that same spot on your own map (mouse over and it will show you the x and y in pixels in the status bar of paint). There you have gotten your first coordinates. Do this with the reference point as well and you should be done.

If you can’t get the service to run do it as follows:

  1. go to services and select the vacuum.send_command service
  2. copy the code from the documentation into the service_data area
  3. press call service
  4. nothing will happen, this is normal
  5. don’t change anything, just click on entity now, and choose your vacuum
  6. press call service again
  7. your robot should now move to the base point or reference point (whichever command you gave)

Note that you might have to rotate the map once or twice to get the right orientation. If you set this up and test it and you find your robot going into the opposite direction you will need to rotate the map 90/180 degrees and try again. Unfortunately the x/y axis of the device is not fixed and you will have to do this with trial and error.

I hope this is thorough enough XD


Homekit Infused Release v. 0.12.2

Hi all, a few small updates today, it might take you a while to do this though, but I challenge you. It took me about half an hour to do most of the changes. This update is probably another puzzling one as many things have been renamed. Why all this renaming you ask? Well when I first started uploading my setup to github I was already pretty far in with HA. I never actually thought of sharing it until people asked me to. I have since uploaded my setup to github and as expected I get a lot of questions. Most questions are actually very legit, but really dumb of myself because if I had chosen logical names it would be much easier and all of these questions would have probably been avoided, but because I was busy creating new stuff instead of beautifying old stuff I never bothered to change it. Slowly I will declutter the mess I made of many names, paths, unused automations etc. The upcoming updates will all have some renames and template changes to make the setup not only easier to use and understand for new users, but also for existing users and obviously myself. I sometimes get lost in the names and this way finding the right file will be a lot easier. In the next few updates I will clean out automations and make them smaller where possible. I will also clean out the secrets.yaml file, which I get too much questions about XD. I will take it step by step as I don’t want to rebuild the entire config in a single go. This way you can shift to the new and more readable way of configuring at a slower pace. I am very sorry for the inconvenience, but hey, what would HA be without a little challenge ey?

Changes Overview 23/08/2019:

v. 0.12.2

  • Renamed most decluttering-templates and files that come with that
  • Renamed all template names in EVERY file in the lovelace folder, please read the update guide for more information
  • Added option for multiple entities in the mini-graph-template
  • Added new feature, entities with energy readings have a new popup window with energy usage (Warning: for Tasmota Energy devices only)

Click here for the changelogs (an overview of the changes, not all changes are mentioned)

Click here for update guides (a detailed changelog and instructions on how to update)


The discord link should be fixed!

Hi, very nice guide! :+1: In my case I have used zoned cleanup (like in docs), then took a screenshot and saved required points, at the end edited out everything unnecessary :slight_smile:

Thanks Jim, appreciate the response. I did manage to get this going last night, not overly difficult but a little tedious. It seems to be quite accurate though which is good. My issue now though, is that I have a loooong home floorplan and it becomes tiny in the card. I’ll setup zones and be done with it though, set and forget!


Video to support update 0.12.2, thank you for your patience


And a special for all of you, the text editor I use for Home Assistant!

Edit: I s*ck at this, but you get the point eh XD


Truly inspirational @jimz011 - your config and design are amazing. Will definitely follow you on YouTube. Thanks for sharing your hard work!

Hi, I stumbled upon this thread about a week ago and have been following since. Most of the recent posts seem to describe how to migrate. Any tips for someone who is starting fresh with this.

when starting fresh, just ignore all the migrations and updates, just download latest version and start changing enities :slight_smile:

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Sorry for my absence the last few days, I have been busy rearranging my servers (which unfortunately always take more time than I had anticipated)

Easiest way to install this:

  • install HA or Hassio
  • install HACS and get ALL the mentioned addons (copy the ones that can not be imported, there are a few)
  • if this works (and only if HACS is setup properly) you can copy the rest and restart (you will have to force a restart as gui restart will not work at this point)
  • I use a lot of secrets you might have to comment out the secrets for lovelace to load properly.
  • After this it should pretty much work, though you will need to change all the entities yourself.

Good luck!

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Homekit Infused Release v. 0.12.3

Hi all, I have been absent lately as I had a lot of server issues which needed to be addressed first. But now I am back and to stop keeping you waiting I will release this version today. It only contains small updates and thus 0.13.x will come either next week or within 2 weeks. Enjoy! In this release I have changed a lot for my personal situation as I have switched to Hass.io AND I have ditched my Tradfri hub for a Conbee2 with deCONZ. This means (for all file comparers out there) that many files have changed though they are only entities. And I am pretty sure you don’t have the same entities so you wont need to change all of that. All changes are mentioned below as usual.

Changes Overview 31/08/2019:

v. 0.12.3

  • Renamed decluttering-template FILES and removed decluttering-templates.yaml (Special thanks to @xMrVizzy for this great tip!)
  • Fixed theme on the second swipe on the vacuum page
  • Fixed weird colors in notifications (this fix will be temporary)
  • Minor bugfixes

Click here for the changelogs (an overview of the changes, not all changes are mentioned)

Click here for update guides (a detailed changelog and instructions on how to update)

For video instructions you can check the video below, keep in mind that this will only cover large changes.