Homekit Integration - Exclude entities by Integration

Hello! I didn’t see this requested before so I hope this isn’t a double post. I would like to be able to exclude all entities from an integration in addition to the filtering already in place within the GUI. I have a lot of sensors that I have to scroll through and most of them I don’t need within a voice assistant (or their ecosystems) at all. The Plex integration is an example, as well as *arr companion apps since these are useful within HomeAssistant but not Apple’s Home/Siri, Google, or Alexa.

Don’t add them in the first place !, or go to Settings, Device-Services-integration(or entities) disable them (and hide disabled) then, eventually delete them that if they still border you

That’s not the issue; I want those entities in home assistant but I don’t want them within homekit via the integration.

then integrate these entities, with another integration( try to integrate these “entities” without an “host” integration, or how do you think you can have any use of them, if they don’t belong to an integration ?

You can already do this (but it is fiddly).

When you configure the homekit integration it first gives you two options “include” or “Exclude” If you have more entities that you don’t want than do, select “include” else “exclude”.
the next screen select the entities that you do/don’t want.

Having the option to exclude/include of an integration would be nice tho.

I’m already doing this, but it’s very tedious when you have entities for several integrations that you don’t ever want or have a need for within homekit.

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I’m looking at the same problem/issue. I have several devices (Shelly, Tapo etc.) which are nice to have in HomeAssistant but I do not want them (especially some Switches) in HomeKit to prevent wrong usage. But when I exclude the switches-domain, I lose significant functions in HomeKit.

I tried the filter and exclude function listed here but all the entities were In HomeKit again.

Another request which intends similar functions: HomeKit exclude hidden entities


++ to this: I want my Hue lights available in Home Assistant and HomeKit.

But I’d rather use the Hue’s official integration to HomeKit because it has additional features like Adaptive Lighting.

Being able to tell Home Assistant to expose all lights except those coming from the Hue integration would be great.

Some kind of UI for choosing entities to include like the new Voice Assistant > Alexa UI has would be amazing for the Homekit integration. I agree it’s EXTREMELY tedious to deal with YAML include/exclude globs and all that when you have over 600 entities in HA, and you only want like, 17 of them to show up in your iPhone app.

I wonder if there is a way to “read” which entities have been exposed to Alexa, and then use that as a filter for the Homekit entities?