Homekit Integration Preferences

Hello. Please bear with me, I’m brand new to HA. I’m trying to be mindful and search for answers before reasking questions, yet I’m sure these have all been asked before.

I have installed my Home Assistant Yellow, HA app, and my HA has been identified; that’s as far as I have gotten.

  1. Which is the best way to integrate my existing HomeKit into Home Assistant. There are multiple options, but looking for the easiest and most stright-forward.

  2. Once I integrate HomeKit or and individual light/sensor into HA, will it still respond to HomeKit. Specifically HA has identified my Hue Hub and has asked me to activate hub so HA can configure. If I do this, will I loose capatibility to control the Hue devices through HomeKit?


Your questions are not straightforward; you should play around with it, & learn how it works.

I think most people end up running everything through Home Assistant, E.g. uninstall the Hue Bridge from Homekit & just have Homekit as an extension of Home Assistant.
That way entities are not going to be showing up twice & you have a central location to manage everything.

Thank you It’s all a bit overwhelming.