HomeKit integration troubles

Hi all! I appreciate any assistance as i’ve tried everything i can think of and am still not seeing my Home Assistant devices in HomeKit.

My Setup:

CentOS 7 running Home Assistant and Homebridge. I recently installed a GE Z-Wave Plus outlet with an Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5, after a lot searching and testing, i can finally control my outlet from Home Assistant without being goofy, and squirrely, and it appears stable.

I’ve enabled the 'homekit:" configuration, and i’ve paired it in HomeKit, added the Home Assistant Bridge. It appears to have successfully paired, but i cannot see any of my outlets in HomeKit!

Am i overlooking something here?

Again - Any advice is greatly appreciated.


stupid question: have you restarted HA? for me it was needed to restart in order for the devices to show up.

many times!