Homekit issue with contact sensor

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I have a working zwave contact sensor. It is a linear nortek WADWAZ1 sensor. I have two of those on my installation. I also have them labelled as device_class: door in my config.

For some reason one of them homekit doesnt pickup (but still looks and works fine within HA). I found that when i remove the device_class: door it starts working in homekit but it picks it up as an occupancy sensor which is inconvenient. Any ideas if this is a bug or something? the other identical sensor works well and it is recognized by homekit as a door as expected.

any ideas?

Same issue here, did you ever find a solution?

hi, note yet i am about to give it a shot again with HA 110 and redoing all my homekit config via the UI integration page vs. YAML as i have it before. I’ll report back when i finish the setup