Homekit lightbulb custom/wrong temperature range


I have added some Yeelight Mesh lightbulbs to my home assistant via Homekit.
They appear to be recognized and work correctly.

However, their temperature range seems to be recognized incorrectly, the GUI allows adjusting it from 2,500 up to 20,000.

When adjusting the temperature and choosing one that’s outside the Lamp’s range, it doesn’t do anything.

I downloaded the diagnostic data and the lamp seems to report the temperature range:

                "type": "000000CE-0000-1000-8000-0026BB765291",
                "iid": 262,
                "perms": [
                "format": "uint32",
                "value": 121,
                "description": "Color Temperature",
                "minValue": 50,
                "maxValue": 400,
                "minStep": 1

This doesn’t seem to align with what I see in the behavior though, by trial and error I detected that the lamp responds to temperature change between 2700 and 6500.

Is it possible to somehow configure the lamp and customize it’s range manually?

Perhaps this is a bug that should be investigated?

Any help anyone please

Joining the bandwagon as I got such light recently, usable range is cramped at the top of light temp slider so this issue affects usability of my device.