HomeKit Lights - RGB + Temp?

So, I might have missed something but spent the last 30 mins looking through the release notes for the past couple of releases…

My light bulbs in HomeKit have decided to separate themselves out into two - they appear as an RGB light and Temperature. This used to appear as one.

Attaching these screenshots to better explain. Does anyone know how I merge these back as one? Having them as two does not have any benefit to me and causes more confusion.


Same here. Found nothing related to this and don’t know how to fix :frowning:

Same here! For now I just hid one of them from favourites.

Hi together,

got the same problem. Will rollback the update and check if the error is still there.

Edit: After rollback to core 7.4 the error is not longer appearing.

@frenck Is there anything you know about this problem? Thank you!


It is apparently a new “feature” :frowning:

Same here as well. I hope they „fix“ this new feature as soon as possible.

Rolled back to 7.4 as well and waiting for a fix/change.

I rolled back to 7.4 as well. This made my Tuya lights unusable, as the Apple Home app would only control the RGB function. I hope they restore the original functionality soon.

The side benefit is that it removed the new ‘Energy’ monitor, which the developers saw fit to enable for all installations by default.; regardless of whether the end user actually wanted to have it included. I would appreciate an option to remove the ‘Energy’ features from the interface entirely as well.

I’ve been researching this for several hours now…so glad I found this thread. I’m going to roll back to 7.4 as well. The current way it’s working in 8.3 messes up my automations, and I can’t seem to fix it any other way I’ve tried.

Was there any mention of this in the breaking changes for v8? This was quite disruptive.

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Same here as well after updating to core 8.4.
Previously, though, the temperature control would not work - controlling the lights via HomeKit would always use the “Color” mode.

Yes there is a short changelog entry in the “All changes”-Tab:

Split color temp and color into separate HomeKit services when a light supports both (@bdraco - #53471) (homekit docs)

but hidden for a “big” change like this in my opinion.


Is there a user-end fix for this? Or plans to fix this in a future update? I’d love to update to a version newer than 7.4.

Thanks friends!

This change is extremely annoying. Would love to see a reversal on this change.


So broken. I need to use siri to command my lights. Which is not always convenient, especially at night.


See third to last response for a custom repo to continue using your previous Homekit setup:


This is terrible. Please give us a way to NOT have this happen. Global or per-light, I don’t care.


Also, what was wrong with the old way? There were 8 color presets you could set and each of those could be rgb or white temperature, and the switch was on/off or slide for brightness


Does anyone know if there are plans to revert this?

as a workaround there is a custom component for homekit to get the old version back

I upgraded to 2021.9 and it seems to be working fine again.