Homekit only working on one deveice

Hi. I have added the Homekit automation to my HA, which have been running great for some time. However, a few days ago, I could only see the two devices added on my iPhone while my wifes “home app” just shows that the devices are not reachable.

I have invited her as a member of the home group. I have tried deleting the ingtration and started over - however, this did not solve the issue.

I have tried adding a second integration and connecting my wifes home app to the that second integration. This does work - however, since our Apple TV is functioning as a hub allready for the other instance of HomeKit, I am not able to run automations.

Have anyone else experienced that the Homekit integration only works on one phone?

I have had this problem but it was a very long time ago when HomeKit was still fledgling, and that was back in the days when the HomeKit database was a bit volatile. You can try remove all accessories from one phone and then go into the iCloud settings and turn of HomeKit sync for that phone, then give it 5-10 minutes and re-add it again. If this solves the problem then it is probably a bad database.

As for the home hub, you can configure the AppleTV to be a home hub for multiple HomeKit servers in the settings.