HomeKit Pairing HASS Bridge vs Assistant Bridge

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Hello, All,

I have setup HomeKit:

> homekit:
>   - filter:
>       include_entities:
>         - cover.garage_door
>         - group.livingroomlights
>         - switch.bedroom_lights

Can someone explain me why I have 2 notification to add it to my Apple Home?
HomeKit Pairing HASS Bridge and one Assistant Bridge, which one I should use?

Have you also (or ever) configured a bridge through the integrations page from the frontend? Only one pairing request should pop up. You can try dismissing those pairing requests and see which one comes back. You might have to go to the configuration page, server controls, and reload HomeKit to re-trigger the pairing request again.

I figure it out!

I had both the config.yaml and the integration added!