Homekit, pincode changes after every restart

I’m using latest version of Home-Assistant, trying to configure Apple HomeKit, everything works fine,
but as I’m in heavy development phase, i restarting hassio too often, and every time I restart it new PINCODE is generated, and every time I need to pair again.

After some researching, there was OPTION “pincode” in configuration.yml,
so we had chance to have fixed pincode, but after this commit https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/commit/d348f09d3d42c6bd65727a471cf363cbca19105f
, it is autogenerated every time,

Is it normal behavior ?

  1. I think if it auto-generated once, it should save it,
  2. for active development phase i think we should also have possibility to specify fixed pincode in yml file.