Homekit polling system

Hi everyone,

I have Home Assitant installed ( 0.103.5) on an Asustor NAS.
I integrate my Xiaomi Aqara Gateway and four door/window sensor using Homekit on Home Assistant (because I have the version where you can’t activate the dev mode).

But one thing don’t work like I want : the Homekit’s polling system.
Homekit check every device just once every minute. Any status change between two check won’t be seen.

And I want to know if it’s possible to change this :

  • Either change the time between two checks. Change it to one or two seconds.
  • Or change the system itself by one who can see every state changes of the devices.

Do you know if either solution is possible ?

Thanks !

PS : Excuse me for my english, if it’s not understandable :slight_smile:.