HomeKit reality check

I need a HomeKit reality check before I go off and do something stupid.

I wanted to include a ‘button’ in my homekit setup, so I added the following to my configuration.yaml

      - input_boolean.test

But it did not work, and in addition, I got a notification on restart that I needed to set up a ‘new’ HA Bridge.

Lightbulb moment… I can either have HomeKit integration completely via the UI OR via Yaml, but not both! OK.

So, before I go and re-do my entire HomeKit bridge (delete the UI based one, and redo the whole thing in YAML. I want to confirm that I’m understanding that correctly? Is there no way to include or exclude specific entities when HomeKit is configured via the UI? is YAML the ‘all or nothing’ option it appears to be with HomeKit?

I’m only using the UI, and there are options to include/exclude individual entities on the second page of the configuration screen: