Homekit SONOS as smart speaker class instead of media player

As title says. The current sonos integration gets moved to homekit as a media player without volume control. There are workaround for this using an intermediate dimmer light device but ideally representing the sonos integrated speakers as smart speaker class would be better.

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Thanks, I tinkered with the homekit component a little and am finding out that the HAP python library is not supporting the speakers completely as it seems to to have been only written to control TV speakers. No wonder the media player is translating only into homekit switches. The nodejs HAP library has a smartspeaker device which appeard to be a lot more complete. Hopefully someone will translate it into the python library used by HA.


Hi! I was looking for the same functionality, actually any way to translate a media player device into a smart speaker device or whatever it is that show the device as “homekit-compatible-soundbar” or something like that - as I guess it could appear a HomePod inside Homekit. I’m a programmer, if you can point me in the right direction I can have a look at the code and see if I can do something to fulfil the gap in the python library (no promises)

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Bump. This would be great!

Yes, I would also like to see this. Thanks.

Me too ! Thanks

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hi guys - any update on this? i can add sonos speaker on homekit but as a switch with no volume control or source.
any idea on how to do so?

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This would be the best would allow for some cool stuff, for homekit households