Homekit stale sockets need homekit builtin plugin reset


I am having an intermittent problem with the homekit builtin bridge.
Sometimes all the accessories show no response in the IOS Home app,
and to my experience the only way to get them back is to trigger homekit
in the web interface. I am currently on HA .73.2.

I am using an apple tv 4k as the homekit hub.

In the following debug statements, is my Apple TV 4k, and 1.29168.1.23 is my iPhone:

2018-07-20 12:31:00 DEBUG (Thread-26) [pyhap.accessory_driver] Could not send event to (‘’, 55172), probably stale socket.
2018-07-20 12:31:00 DEBUG (Thread-26) [pyhap.accessory_driver] Could not send event to (‘’, 49531), probably stale socket.
I am using hassbian

Any ideas where I have gone wrong?


Turns out that the network connections in the raspberry pi I was using was having hardware problems.

I moved the hassbian sd card from the ‘faulty’ raspberry pi to a different raspberry pi and it works just fine now!

Strange failure indeed!

After switching to a newer raspberry pi 3b plus, I still see this issue. I thought It was gone, but after letting it run for awhile, the problem returned.

I will create an issue for it under the homekit part in github.

We’re you able to figure out what the issue was? I just installed HASS.io on a brand new Rhasperry Pi 3 B+ connected through ethernet. HA bridge and devices are shown alternatively as working fine or as “No Response”. Disabling and re-enabling HomeKit bring the bridge and devices back “on-line”.

There is an issue in github that references this problem as I indicated back in july. the following is a link to it:

In it, and using the ‘next’ version of the hap_server.py, I believe it has fixed the problem.

There are instructions for adding it to hassio if you peruse the comments in it.

Will try. Thank!

Ok, that didn’t solve the problem for me. It might be something else as the IOS app is not detecting the Hass.io server when Homekit reports the HASS. Io bridge not reporting.