Homekit stops working in fresh install

I recently installed Home Assistant (using Docker), with the intention of integrating my RFXtrx433 and Homekit.

The RFXtrx433 part worked perfectly, and I added two temp sensors to HA.

Homekit worked at first, but after about a minute the sensors changed to “Not Responding” (in the Home app) and never came back.

I tried the same setup with Domoticz and Homebridge (both in Docker) and there are no issues. This makes me think it must be a Home Assistant issue (rather than iOS or the RFXtrx433).

Is this a known issue?

Another user seems to be having a similar issue. I’ve commented on his GitHub issue here:

Have a look at the following site:


I added ports 5353 forwarding to hassio and now it’s all working perfectly and no more “Not responding” for devices