Homekit support for facuets and sprinklers

I would love to use these in Homekit with the inbuilt timer functionality. Has Apple made these available to use in iOS 11 yet?

+1 for sprinkler support

@cdce8p is this possible?

Which Home Assistant components / platforms / domains are you guys referring to?
Knowing that would really help.

Just a way to expose a Home Assistant switch as a Homekit faucet or sprinkler. This was discovered in the HomeKit Accessory Simulator - https://www.reddit.com/r/HomeKit/comments/82gmkg/homekit_showers_have_a_configurable_off_timer/

Although I am not sure if Apple has released the API for it yet


The developer documentation, at least the non commercial one does not mention those two categories at the moment. I assume they would go along with new services as well.

Therefore those can’t be implemented at the moment. We’ll have to wait for WWDC in June, maybe then.

Still no news about sprinklers/faucets integration? Elgato is bringing their own line to the market in a few days, so it must be available in the HomeKit environment…

@uspino Not necessarily. The HomeKit protocol allows for some flexibility on the manufacturer side. Although it’s possible that they use the official implementation.

The shitty thing here is that the public specifications on Apple Developer website are completely outdated and doesn’t include Sprinklers/Faucets, so someone with MFi license would need to share the latest specs so devs here would be able to implement it.

The Rachio 3 sprinkler controller is supported in iOS 12 and it looks awesome.

Would the timers be running in HomeKit or on the Rachio?