📺 HomeKit TV remote blueprint

This blueprint allows you specify actions that get performed for events fired for a Homekit TV using the iOS remote. In other words, if you have home assistant setup with a TV homekit accessory, you can use this to turn your phone into a remote control and easily specify the actions that get performed.

You need to have a media_player that is a tv device_class and is setup as a homekit accessory.
You need an iOS device with homekit setup and paired with your home assistant homekit bridge/accessory.
You need to enable “Apple TV Remote” in the iOS control center.
You access the remote by swiping down from the top of the screen to see the control center and then pressing the remote button.

Why would you want to do this?
For some reason you want to use your iPhone as a TV remote.

The blueprint:
Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.


Thanks for the blueprint. But its missing on/off button and mute. I dont know how to edit the blueprint but it would be nice if they were included.

The on-off button and mute don’t send homekit remote events in home assistant so can’t be supported by the blueprint. In theory they should be supported by the homekit integration exposing those elements from the media_player tv entity, much like how volume works in the remote. But the on/off and mute buttons don’t appear to be working for me either.

You are awesome! I just figured out how to make a media_player for my IR cable box and this works perfectly to make up for the lacking support. It always feels great when you don’t expect something to work & it works well.

I can’t make sense of why we aren’t able to re-map these keys in the universal media_player config, or maybe I just don’t know how.

Also, it is frustrating they don’t enable the set-top-box (stb) sub-type of the TV device. It is no different from the receiver, it just provides a nicer icon for STBs. Homebridge supports the STB type but not HA…

Oh well, I really appreciate this blueprint! One more thing out of Homebridge & into HA!

Have a great day!

I am happy it worked for you! :grinning: