HomeMatic and MAX! integration

Hello everyone,

I just ordered some MAX! 99017A0 Themostats to control my heaters. Now Iam looking for the best way to integrate em in HA. I see different solutions from CUL to Cube and other kits from ELV. Unfort. the wiki isnt clear. Through some threads I came to the hass.io Addon Homematic ( https://www.home-assistant.io/addons/homematic/ ) Am I able to control MAX! components with this? Or what is actual the best hardware/software solution?

Thanks in advance guys :slight_smile:

There are a couple of longer running threads about using the MAX! radiator thermostats and using the MAX! Cube with Home Assistant.

MAX Cube with MQTT

Using the MAX Cube
Converting the MAX Cube with CUL

I don’t know where there would be more information about this. So far it seems that you can either use the Cube with HA automation or flash the Cube and use it with a HomeGear add-on.