Homematic CCU HM-CC-RT-DN - how to edit weekprofiles?

Hi there,

I’m currently checking what options are available in HomeAssistant as I’m currently running another home automatism system.

I’m using Homematic thermostats HM-CC-RT-DN

My question how can I modify the weekprofile VALUES with homeassistant. I’m NOT talking about switching between 3 predefined weekprofile. I need to set and modify the temperature and times.

I’m open for each integration beside the custom_homematic integration. I can use simulated VCCU3, debmatic, raspmatic, homegear … whatever is there. It’s just important to modify temperatures. Use case e. g. profile winter vs. summer. Profile vacation, profile for working full week homeoffice, profile for working ouly friday in homeoffice … 3 weekprofiles are to less for me so I need to modify existing profiles.

When there are scripts, api documentation, implementation here inthe formum … every input appreciated.

Thank you in advance.