Homematic climate stats

I use the yahm project to host a virtual ccu2 container on my rpi3 along homeassistant.

My thermostat is discovered and shown in the home assistant gui:

climate.hmccrtdn_neq141XXXX manual current_temperature: 22.9
min_temp: 4.5
max_temp: 30.5
temperature: 16
operation_mode: manual
operation_list: auto,manual,boost,comfort,lowering
rssi: -58
valve: 0
battery: 3
mode: Manual
id: NEQ141XXXX
proxy: wireless
unit_of_measurement: °C
friendly_name: HM-CC-RT-DN NEQ141XXXX
assumed_state: false

Changes are displayed alomst in realtime. The problem is that the graph does not get updated at all. It looks like it is only updated at home assistant start. Above the graph there is a text like xx minutes or hours ago.

The funny thing is if I restart home assistant the graph is updated and also data from the past is shown. This means home assistant is constantly collecting data or it is feteched from the ccu

This was today at 14:25 before my restart:

This was today at 14:35 after my restart:

As you can see no history is lost but it is only updated or fetched at home assistant (re)start.

I think this is not directly related to HomeMatic. Rendering the graphs is nothing the HomeMatic integration takes care of. There were changes to some database-queries to improve performance. Maybe that somehow affected the graphs and lead to the results you are experiencing. Still haven’t updated yet to the latest HASS, so I can’t verify if it’s working or not.