Homematic Component installation failed


I need some help to getting started with the Homematic Component.

I installed homeassistant on an ubuntu 17.10 machine running on my freenas server. The ubuntu machine is only used for hass an installed according to: Installation on top of python.

I got hass up and running. But not the Homematic Component. It gives me the following message:
“Invalid config The following components and platforms could not be set up:”
“title”: “Invalid config”,
“message”: “The following components and platforms could not be set up:\n\n - homematic\n\nPlease check your config.”

I added the following lines to yaml.config:

      resolvenames: json
      username: Admin
      password: MASKED
      primary: true
      variables: true

As I understood it, that should be enough for a first scan of the homematic devices. But obviously it is not :frowning:

The check at yamllint tells me I used valid YAML

Do I have to make “something” to install the component? I couln`t find I hint for that. I just added the above lines to the yaml.config.

Perhaps someone can help.

Thanks in advance!


Remove the primary and variables parts from your config. The example in the documentation is outdated. To get variables you have to add a hosts block.

Thanks a lot!
Now I can see my Homematic Devices in hass.
Actually with “unfriendly” names, but I will try to solve that problem.