Homematic Doorbell Sensor, where to start

Hi all,

I’m using hassio with my Homematic CCU2 to monitor and automate some one my window blinds, thermostats, etc. All this worked “out of the box” with the entities card in lovelace.

Now I’m trying to integrate a new doorbell sensor ( hm-sen-db-pcb ). I would like to automate that if someone rings the bell an action is triggered within homematic.

Unfortunately I don’t even know where to start. For me it seems like using the webUI I can only access the battery status of the sensor, but not it’s state or stage changes.

Could someone please point me to the right reading material, or did someone already document something similar, e.g. with other sensors?

Every for of help is deeply appreciated



It doesn’t generate an entity, you have to listen for a button press event instead: