Homematic example configuration exp. thermostats

I just have installed Home Assistant to have a full solution for my future smart home. I am still in the investigation phase of different solutions. So far I like Home Assistant because it detects automatically my homematic devices (via the CCU2) without to much complicated configuration (in comparsion to my OpenHAB experience).

Now I see my thermostat device in the overview in a climate section. I also get actual information from the devices. However I do not know how to do the next steps.

I want to show different names for the devices and also want to assign to a specific room. I do not know the entity_id for the devices. I probably also need that if I want to do some automation for the temperature control.

Anybody of you already did something similar and has a full configuration example for his homematic system?

Thanks for your support!

Best regards

Renaming devices is done through Customization, as stated in the Homematic-documentation.
To get the entity_ids, open the HA frontend. The lowest row in the menu on the left has some icons. The second one ( <> ) shows all available entities, with their full entity_id in the leftmost column. So if the entity_id of your thermostat is climate.meq1234567, you would customize it like so:

    friendly_name: Kitchen