Homematic HmIPW-WRC6 not shown in entity list


I just integrated my new Home Assistant with my Homematic CCU3. All devices are now shown as entities, except my switches (HmIPW-WRC6), which are unfortunatelly pretty essential :slight_smile:
I am aware of the bug that I have to bind a button on the CCU3 first before the triggering works, but shouldn’t the switches be at least shown in Home Assistant?
They are on the same (wired) IP interfaces as all other devices which were imported correctly, so it must have something to do with the device type I guess.
Any idea or input is highly appreciated, thanks in advance!

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I do not know how the Homematic switches work, but other switches in HA trigger events on the event bus in HA and do not figure as sensors, so try to open up the HA developer tools and click the event tab.
In the event tab choose one of the listener in the right side and enter it in the bottom field and click the text to start listening. Choosing * will make you listen to all the events on the bus, which can be many, but might be needed to find the correct ones.
When the listening has started, then click the button and stop the listening and start to look through the captured events.
Remember that there might be multiple events for the same thing, like button_pressed, button_hold and button_released.

Once you have the event you can make automations that trigger on those events.

Perfect, I can see the event, thank you so much!

However, one thing is still missing: The Switches also have 6 LEDs which I would like to control. Any idea for this?

What integration are you using?
I would recommend the Homematic Local instead of the official one.
Even the HA developers have recommended that one over their own.

@WallyR I switched to the Homematic local integration and that solved all issue and more, everything is just working perfectly now, thank you for the hint!