Homematic integration?


I want to install the Homematic integration, as it is documented here. However, when I try to add it, I only find the Homematic IP Cloud integration, see screenshot:

If I do the same search on the HA website, I do find two different integrations:

I want to use the “classic” Homematic, without “IP Cloud”, since I am running a Homegear instance locally. How do I install that one?

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You need to add it to configuration.yaml, it’s not available to be configured through the UI.

It’s written in the docs you linked →

Thanks for you swift reply, @Burningstone!

I already tried that, but nothing happens. Maybe I’m doing something wrong with the configuration. How can I debug that?

I looked into the logs, the only thing I can find is

INFO (SyncWorker_3) [homeassistant.loader] Loaded homematic from homeassistant.components.homematic

Okay, figured it out:

  • Homeassistant needs to be restarted in order for the changes in configuration.yaml to take effect.
  • You should not use as the IP address of the CCU, even if the CCU (Homegear in my case) is running on the same machine. This is because the CCU does a callback. If you use the actual IP address of the machine, it does work fine.
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