Homematic Intrgration Address

Hello All!
I have a CCU3 homematic connected - all woks okay.
I’d like to invoke the virtual key-service
According to the documentation you can send a virtual key trigger to either a virtual Channel (BidCos-RF) or a device directly.

Question now - how to I find the address of the homematic device? to send the virtual key directky to the device?



You can either look them up in your CCU, or within Home Assistant if you look at the entity-details at yourhomeassistant.com:8123/developer-tools/state. The entities have an attribute called id. That’s the address you need when calling the homematic.virtualkey service. The channel depends on which device you are using.

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thanks for the feedback - when I trigger I receive this message:

address: QEQ0661768
channel: 1
interface: hm

PRESS_SHORT not datapoint in hm device QEQ0661768

Any idea? Thanks!!

What kind of device do you want to control this way?

It’s this a HM-LC-Sw4-DR-2
( HomeMatic 132763A0)

That’s not a device you can control this way. You have to use the entity (switch.yourswitchname) and the switch.turn_on (or off) service. The homematic.virtualkey service is for devices that have buttons, like remote controls.

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Aha - good to know - then I have to work around this with the virtual remote in HM.
(Reason is that with the virtual remote I can set an auto-off after 60 seconds - useful for the hallway light)

Thank you anyways for getting back to me with that info!

Kind regards

The virtual remote is a button of the CCU? Then you should be able to use the virtualkey service with BidCoS-RF as the address. That’s the address the CCU always has.

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