Homematic IP - breaking change with HA 2022.2 - Github repo is looking for successor

Hi all,

the Homematic IP integration is based on the GitHub - coreGreenberet/homematicip-rest-api: A python wrapper for the homematicIP REST API (Access Point Based).
The developer is not maintaining the library anymore and looking for a successor.

New HM IP devices are not supported because implementation is missing and with HA version 2022.2 a breaking change will be introduced: HA 2021.12 - loop keyword argument is deprecated · Issue #428 · coreGreenberet/homematicip-rest-api · GitHub

Is there any Python developer out there how can look into the current open issues or even step in as successor of the lib?

I’d be happy to help out, although I’d quickly defer to anyone who is more experienced with this project. I am new, I do have some Homematic IP devices though which I’d like to have working. I might need some tips on what API changes need doing but a little help would go a long way. Cheers.