Homematic ip change climate profile

Dear Community,

I need Your help :frowning: Since few days I try to do some automation in Node-Red.
My first automation should change the climate profile from three radiators with one button in my HA dashboard.
The button in HA works already (I can see in Node-Red if the button is on or off). Unfortunately nothing happens more. What I’m doing wrong?

I have two switches that behave differently. One sends ‘on’ to the top output and the other sends ‘on’ to the bottom output. I don’t know why.

Try putting debug nodes on the outputs to see which way they are behaving.

Thank You for Your reply. I hope I got that right with the debug node… Nothing will sent to debug from the switch :-/ I have also yesterday tried to send a push message with that switch. Also here I didn’t get anything. So I think something is wrong with the switch but what???

I am certainly not an expert on how the switches work. I think of them as a trigger. One of the outputs will send a signal. It shows in the debug window as ‘undefined’ but it will trigger a connected node.

In your case, I would think you would need two switches, one to turn on the first profile and the other to turn on the second.