Homematic-IP does not work after migration

I’m getting desperate. I have migrated my system from a Raspberry pi4 to a NUC (HA Supervised on Ubuntu).

Everything works, except the Homematic-IP buttons. The CCU3 is recognized in HA, also the HmIP-sensors show the correct values. I can’t get the switches to work.

Does anyone have an idea what this could be?

Did you try this?

Thanks Daniel for the answer. This is what I have done. It works very well with the same configuration on my Raspberry. After uploading the snapshot on the NUC everything works but Homematic.

In the meantime I figured out that after reboot Homematic does work, but after some seconds the buttons don’t work again. That’s really weird. I suspect by now that it has something to do with the ports on Ubuntu? How can it be that something always works after reboot and then seconds later it doesn’t?

Well, that’s a local problem, so it could be anything. First I’d look if you have some sort of firewall-daemon that’s starting shortly after Home Assistant has started. Depending on how the firewall is configured it could start blocking the packets that are sent to Home Assistant.

Apart from that I have no idea. It’s certainly not a common problem.

Thanks again for your support.

Actually it was the firewall of Ubuntu.