HomeMatic IP module on RPi4 (all in one box)


first off - I searched but all the results I find seem outdated, not taking into account the recent work done by Raspberrymatic and the integration of their add-on (this piece of news).

I currently work with a HomeMatic Access Point which offers exactly 0 configuration possibilities, requires its own power supply and its own LAN connection. I’d like to get rid of that one and extend my RPi4 with this: RPi Extension HMIP

This would mean that my HA instance runs on the same RPi as the HomeMatic IP Hardware - is this possible? If not - would a HMIP USB stick or something alike work better? I am really trying to narrow down the “hubs” I use for all the standards, but not sure how much I can directly “bolt” onto my HA RPi.

Thanks a lot!

You just need a RF unit to achieve this.
I think RaspberryMatic can do it all with just such an RF unit.
I personally have installed Debian 11 on an old fanless laptop instead of a RPi and then I run debmatic on it and HA in a docker.
Debmatic’s homepage is in german, but the program is in english.
The homepage can be google translated pretty good and it is basic debian stuff, so there are alot of help there too.

The debmatic homepage list most of the RF units a available to do this conversion.
I use the HmIP-RFUSB myself, but when I used the RPi, then I had issues with it due to closeness to the USB3 ports, so be prepared to get a small USB extension cable to move it a bit away from the RPi, like ½m or so.

Thanks a lot. I was planning already on replacing the Hue bridge with a Zigbee USB stick - at some point I think the RPi won’t support all the USB sticks? But the stick you linked looks good and cheap enough to try and from initial research seems to support precisely what I want it to do!

/edit: actually, the stick you linked is not available and sold out most places. The restricted Telekom alternative can be found but I don’t want that. Would you know an alternative stick? I found this one, but cannot find at all if it works with HA or not

Sorry, I have only used that one, but I have found that HomeMatic devices are best found on elv.com, raspberrymatic.com or amazon.de.

Yeah I saw that one but that is the Telekom specific (and therefore limited in function) version. I’ll probably just pre order the proper one on ELV.

Ok, I read the comments and that Telecom stick seems pretty degraded.
Go for an original one.