Homematic IP new socket devices not showing up in HA


I am experiencing problems with new homematic IP’s new socket devices (HmIP-PSM-2) and need your help.

I can’t find out what’s the problem because they don’t show up at all in HA. Older socket devices (HMIP-PSM) work like a charm and show up as a switch (+ energy status information). Is this a know problem with the new sockets or could it nevertheless be a local problem with my homematic ccu3? Other (new) HmIP devices show up an work like always.

Thanks for any hint!

If you’re still using the builtin (old) integration, then your device won’t be supported, as the old integration is not being maintained anymore. Consider switching to the new custom integration.

Thank you so much for explaining this! I wasn’t aware that there is a new custom integration planned and even already existing. I hope it isn’t hard to switch from the existing configuration… I have to read the docs first

Perhaps it is somewhere explained in the docs, but will the integration be installable in the future via HA integration or does it replace the builtin functionality? Or will it stay a custom integration for HACS (or manual installation)? I am asking because the old integration you mentioned was even somehow builin in HA and so there was never a hassle about updating or other problems. It just worked.

The plans to migrate it into the core have been cancelled for now, as that would require too much work. So there currently is no other way than keeping it up to date yourself. But with HACS that’s fairly easy. Just make sure you always read the changelog carefully. Occasionally there are breaking changes, or a new release depends on the latest HA version. So don’t update the integration without knowing about what is changing.

The HomematicIP Local integration is vastly better, but make sure you take a screenshot of your settings in the old setup, because it can help you with the setup of the new integration.
Some of the setup option is named differently in the new integration and there are more options, so you might fail the setup by typing in the numbers in the wrong input fields and then you will have to delete the integration again and reinstall it to change those.
Once it is up and running then it just works.
You might have to update lovelace cards, but a search and replace in the raw configuration editor can solve that fast. MAKE SURE to take a backup of all the text in the raw configuration editor before making any changes, if you decide to go this way. If you fail and have no backup, then all your entire dashboard will be lost.

Today I installed the custom integration via hacs and migrated the homematic devices. As you said it was some copy and paste work und some new options to activate or define lights etc. but everything is working now. I like the new integration and all new devices are now available in HA.
Thanks for your help, hints and work!